Gun Storage

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

To help minimise the impact and spread of the coronavirus and help keep both customers and staff as safe as possible. This service is currently closed until further notice. We are currently not taking any more personal items into the shop, sorry for any inconvenience.

We offer a short and long term gun storage service

We have a cost-effective short or long-term solution for everyone;

  • from customers who simply do not want to store firearms at their home
  • family disputes
  • holiday security
  • licence renewal
  • moving house/relocating
  • as well as for those who need secure storage upon arriving in the UK with firearms.

Before placing in storage please make sure your guns have been cleaned thoroughly and are in a dry hardcase or gun slip to protect them. This will keep them in good condition while they are stored with use. If the guns have fowling or are in a damp case they will continue to corrode, we will not be held responsible for the deterioration.

Alternatively, we can give your gun or guns a basic or full service before going into storage so that they are ready to go when you collect them.

Good value gun slips are available in store, should you require one.

If you require long term gun storage we recommend that the guns are serviced beforehand, so they remain in good condition. Long-term storage will require a standing order to be completed for a payment to be made each month.

You will need to bring your valid UK shotgun and/or firearms certificate with you when placing your guns into storage.

We will complete a storage form for you to keep, listing the guns you have stored with us for your record and to show firearms licensing who may require confirmation of your storage arrangements.

Gun Storage Enquiry

Gun Storage Enquiry

To speak to us about our gun storage service please fill out the form below or give the showroom a call on 0161 485 1199.