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Discounted Shotgun Cartridges Price List

Gamebore, Lyalvale Express, Eley and Hull discounted shotgun cartridges available for collection from our store

We stock a wide selection of cartridges from the leading shotgun ammunition manufacturers including, Lyalvale Express, Hull Cartridge, Eley and Gamebore.

Our shotgun cartridges are available to purchase in store in quantities of either 25, 250, 500 or 1000 +. We always try to provide our customers with the most competitively priced shotgun cartridge deals available.

All of our shotgun cartridge and ammunition prices listed below are inclusive of VAT at 20%.


Cartridge DescriptionGaugeLoad (gms)Shot SizeWadChamber (mm)Velocity (fps)100050025025
Eley First Select 12287.5, 8Plastic671275£262.00£138.00£77.50£7.50
Eley First Select 12287.5, 8Fibre671275£268.00£141.00£79.50£7.95
Eley Olympic Blues12287.5, 8Plastic701375£268.00£141.00£79.50£7.95
Eley Olympic Blues12287.5, 8Fibre701350£276.00£145.00£82.00£8.20
Eley Superb12287.5, 8, 9Plastic701350£301.00£158.00£90.00£9.00
Eley Superb12287.5, 8, 9Fibre701350£306.00£160.00£91.00£9.15
Amber by Eley12218Fibre701375£272.00£143.00£81.00£8.10
Amber by Eley12248Fibre701375£280.00£147.00£83.50£8.35
Eley CT 2020217.5, 8Fibre1268£304.00£159.00£91.00£9.10
Eley CT 2020247.5, 8Plastic1268£312.00£163.00£93.50£9.35
Eley CT 2020247.5, 8Fibre1268319.00£167.00£95.50£9.55
Eley CT 2020287.5, 8Plastic1250£335.00£175.00£105.00£10.50
Eley CT 2020287.5, 8Fibre1250£342.00£178.00£102.50£10.25
.410 2"41096Fibre£323.00£168.00£92.50£9.25
.410 2.5"410145,6,7Fibre£338.00£176.00£97.50£9.75
.410 3"410195,6,7Fibre£377.00£195.00£109.50£10.95


Cartridge DescriptionGaugeLoad (gms)Shot SizeWadChamber (mm)Velocity (fps)100050025025
Eley Pigeon Select12306Fibre£306.00£160.00£87.50£8.75
Eley Pigeon High Velocity12326.5Fibre£338.00£176.00£97.50£9.75
Eley Hi Flyer12305, 6Fibre£378.00£185.00£103.50£10.35
Eley Hi Flyer12324, 5, 6Fibre£394.00£203.00£115.00£11.50
Eley G/Prix High Pheasant12305, 6Fibre£408.00£211.00£119.50£11.95
Eley G/Prix Paper Case12305, 6Fibre£456.00£235.00£135.00£13.50
Eley G/Prix High Velocity12325, 6Fibre£424.00£219.00£124.50£12.45


Cartridge DescriptionGaugeLoad (gms)Shot SizeWadChamber (mm)Velocity (fps)100050025025
Power Blue12287.5, 8, 9Plastic701450£268.00£140.00£79.50£7.35
Power Blue12287.5, 8, 9Fibre701450£277.00£144.00£82.50£8.25
Power Red 12277.5Plastic701450£262.00£127.00£71.50£7.15
Power Red 12277.5Fibre701450£269.00£140.00£79.50£7.95
English Sporter 12287.5, 8, 9Plastic701400£260.00£134.00£77.00£7.70
English Sporter 12287.5, 8, 9Fibre701400£265.00£138.00£78.50£7.85
Power Gold12247.5, 8, 9Plastic701425£290.00£151.00£86.50£8.65
Power Gold12217.5, 8, 9Fibre701425£298.00£155.00£89.00£8.90
Super Competition12217, 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5Plastic££££
Super Competition12247.5, 8, 9Fibre££££
World Cup12286.5, 7, 7.5, 8Plastic££££
World Cup12287.5, 8, 9Fibre££££
Supreme Twenty20217.5Fibre££££
Supreme Twenty20247.5Fibre££££


Cartridge DescriptionGaugeLoad (gms)Shot SizeWadChamber (mm)Velocity (fps)100050025025
Pigeon Power12296Fibre1450£295.00!59.00£85.00£8.50
Special 2 inch Game Fib122665, 6, 7Fibre1375£375.00£201.00£113.50£11.35
Supreme Game12285, 6, 6.5, 7Fibre£363.00£187.00£107.00£10.70
Precision Steel Game12324, 5Plastic£358.00£184.00£105.50£10.55


Cartridge DescriptionGaugeLoad (gms)Shot SizeWadChamber (mm)Velocity (fps)100050025025
Gamebore Velocity + 12287.5Plastic70 1400Out of Stock£00.00£00.00
Gamebore Velocity + 12287.5Fibre70 1400Out of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
White Gold 12287.5, 8Fibre70Out of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Evo12287.5, 8Fibre70Out of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Black Gold F212287.5, 8FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
DTL Elite12287.5, 8PlasticOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Velocity HV Pigeon12306FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Clear Pigeon12306Plastic/FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Clear Pigeon12326Fibre/FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Pigeon Extreme12345FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Regal Game12285, 6FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Black Gold Game12305, 6FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Black Gold Game12325, 6FibreOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00
Super Steel12323, 4, 5PlasticOut of Stock£00.00£00.00£00.00


Cartridge DescriptionGaugeLoad (gms)Shot SizeWadChamber (mm)Velocity (fps)100050025025
Super Fast Competition (Plastic)12277.5Plastic701500£264.00£139.00£77.50£7.75
Super Fast Competition (Fibre)12277.5Fibre701500£271.00£143.00£79.50£7.95
Sporting 100 12287.5, 8Plastic701400 £281.00£148.00£82.50£8.25
Sporting 100 12287.5, 8Fibre701400 £290.00£152.00£85.50£8.55
Comp X 21g12217.5, 8, 9Plastic651425£256.00£135.00£75.00£7.50
Comp X 21g12217.5Fibre651425£260.00£137.00£76.50£7.65
Comp X 28g12287.5, 9Plastic651375£263.00£139.00£77.00£7.70
Comp X 28g12287.5Fibre651375£268.00£141.00£78.50£7.85
Intercomp12247.5, 8Fibremm1400£283.00£149.00£83.50£8.35
Imperial Game12266Fibre65£388.00£201.00£112.00£11.20
Imperial Game12284, 5, 6, 7Fibre65£396.00£205.00£114.50£11.45
Imperial Game12305, 6Fibre65£411.00£212.00£119.00£11.90
High Pheasant (30g)12305, 6, 7Fibre67£416.00£215.00£121.00£12.10
High Pheasant (32g)12324, 5, 6Fibre67£430.00£221.00£125.00£12.50
High Pheasant Extreme (32g)12324, 5, 6Fibre70£443.00£228.00£129.00£12.90
High Pheasant Extreme (34g)12344, 5Fibre70£464.00£239.00£136.00£13.60

We reserve the right to change the prices without notice.

You must have a valid shotgun certificate details will be required. Your shotgun certificate must be produced when purchasing your cartridges in store.

Due to the large selection of cartridges. Not all cartridges are in stock at all times please call for confirmation before setting off. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please call for special requests.

Special Orders – we provide this service for customers requesting shotgun cartridges that we do not usually keep in stock. Simply register your interest with a member of staff.

For bulk buying shotgun cartridges of over 14,000 and ammunition enquiries, please either email or phone with your requirements and we will be only to happy to provide you with a very competitive quote.

All of our discounted shotgun cartridges prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%

Shotgun Cartridges Enquiry

Shotgun Cartridges Enquiry

To speak to us about our shotgun cartridges please fill out the form below or give the gun room a call on 0161 485 1199.

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