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Weihrauch HW99 S Air Rifle


Weihrauch HW99 S Air Rifle

Good choice of airgun for plinking at paper target with open sights.

Product Features

Shot Count:
Single Shot
Muzzle Energy (ftlb):
Overall Length:
1050 mm
Barrel Length:
410 mm
3.2 kg
Price List

Airguns – You Must Be Over 18 Years of Age – Strictly Photo ID Required Including Home Address.

If you are unable to visit our store, arrangements can be made to purchase this item via an RFD Transfer to a local firearms dealer, an additional handling fee will apply upon collection (Estimate £25.00). No home delivery on this item.

Not all items shown on our web site are in stock at all times. Please call for availability.


Weihrauch HW99 S Spring Air Rifle For Sale New

Weihrauch produce extremely well made air rifles that are built to last. The HW 99 S is Weihrauch’s entry level break barrel, spring powered air rifle. It comes with open sights, so it’s popular with target shooters. People that want to shoot at paper targets at a closer range to test their accuracy without the use of a telescopic sight. Therefore, it’s perfect for new airgun shooters. However, should you require a scope one can be fitted (at additional cost) thanks for the dove-tail rails towards the back of the airgun. So this airgun is targeted at the versatile shooter, somebody that wants to primarily shoot open sights and/or with a telescopic sight if and when required..

Weihrauch HW99 S
Weihrauch HW 99 S


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