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FX Airguns Chronograph MK 2 Wireless


FX Airguns Chronograph

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FX Airguns Chronograph Mark 2

Pocket FX chronograph mark 2 version with wireless bluetooth to contact to your smart phone. Simply download the Apple (iOS) or Google play (Android) app to your mobile phone.

The Mark 2 version has the built-in plastic moulded stand as illustrated in images one and two. (Images; three, four & five and the video feature the Mark 1 version where an additional stand was required. However for educational purposes the philosophy remains the same!)

When using the chronograph for best results a bi-pod or gun-stand for your air rifle may be required for consistency when shooting over the chronograph and to safe guard the chronograph from being accidentally shot, thus voiding the manufacturers warranty!

The Essential Airgunners Item

Airgunners want to know the velocity and power coming out of their rifle. This is especially important with FX Airguns that allow the ability to tune, change calibres, and change barrel liners. A chronograph is a key tool needed to maximize the accuracy of your rifle.

In the chronograph world, you really only have two options: The expensive complicated units that give you most of what you need, but cost far too much, or the cheaper models that are outdated, not very portable, are light-sensitive/dependent, and often break easily.
FX is always looking for ways to revolutionize and improve our customers experience, and we decided to find a way to offer the best of both worlds a chronograph of high quality that is surprisingly affordable.

Introducing the new FX Pocket Chronograph; a wireless radar chronograph that is both portable and packed with features. The Pocket Chronograph communicates via BlueTooth to your smartphone. The app (available for both iOS and Android) will show you the feet per second your gun is at, it will store an exportable shot string, and even list the muzzle energy of your rifle (in either foot-pounds or joules). Users can store profiles for different rifles, calibres, and pellets so you can easily use the Pocket Chronograph for all your airgunning needs. Future updates to the app are expected so that the versatility of the app can grow and expand.

Keep in the mind the Pocket Chronograph is not just for high powered airgun use. Any projectile travelling under 1300 FPS can accurately be tracked. The Pocket Chronograph is perfect for archery, CO2 rifle and pistols, airsoft, slingshot, paintball and more.

Since the FX Pocket Chronograph uses radar technology, it will work in any weather conditions, even in the middle of the night. Unlike other chronographs, no external light sources are needed!

Simply place the chronograph below the muzzle, Open the FX radar app on your phone, and start firing away as the phone lists (or even calls out) your shot-string.

You will happily scrap your old chronograph and easily place this chronograph in your gun case, or just literally slip it into your pocket!

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How to use the FX chronograph


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